Maintenance Updates

Sunday December 18, 2016

Updates from Ray DeLucca & Melonie Edwards on behalf of the BOD


New Members of our Maintenance Team:

After many years of hard work and dedicated service Pat Carpenter move onto a new job in August, we wish him much luck in future endeavors. Subsequently Pat has been replaced by Todd Cool, Todd brings an overall good background in construction with him and most of all has extensive experience in concrete field. He has fit right in and done an outstanding job to date.  Not long after that  Ken Rupley notified  us that he would like to start to reduce his hours. In an answer to that we have hired Steve Konzen to fill a part time staff position. Steve has an extensive background in many areas all of which have helped him become an immediate benefit to the team and allowed us to get a number of projects done as well as getting a handle on open service tickets.


Concrete restoration

All planed work under EZ Construction was completed and our relationship with them ended by May 1st. Since spalling and concrete restoration will always be a part of our lives we put new work out to bid and chose Reflection Restorations. To date they have done an outstanding job with the work they have completed. They should have the remaining work that was started wrapped up by end of the year with painting, railings and slider/shutter work completed for the impacted units in early January.


Since all residents have been though a lot over the last 18+ months the decision was made that no new major concrete work would start again until late spring 2017. The board is still optimistic that remaining money from prior special assessment along with budgeted funds should cover us for ongoing concrete work done in 2017.



M.E.S. completed all work associated with the 01 stack project ahead of the agreed upon end date and on budget. They also did an outstanding job and will always be considered for future painting needs. Residents may want to also consider them since they also do interior work. We also had M.E.S.  paint the patios of ground floor units. This was done to insure uniformity in paint color and for the benefit of ground floor residents but also those in units above since unlike balcony areas the patios are clearly visible from all units above them


Rails and Shutters

While timing was not what we hoped for,  between escalations to Jensen Beach Aluminum management by the BOD and coordination efforts between Melanie and JBA  team most work was completed in a reasonable time  allowing the majority of affected unit owners to have storm shutters installed ahead of hurricane season.


Misc Projects The following items were taken care of over the summer and fall months

Replaced gate and front door entry system 

Power washed and painted all catwalks

Cleaning and restoration of all lobby and social room tile floors

Landscaping updates

Office upgrades and remodeling

Painting and repairing all light poles and fixtures

Upgrades to the Oceana South street  signs

New trash room doors on both ends of building

Sunday April 17, 2016

Updates from Ray DeLucca & Dave Czerniejewski on behalf of the BOD

Concrete restoration

  • All concrete work and punch list items completed.   EZ Construction has removed their trailer, dumpster and equipment from the property. The association is wrapping up final paperwork and sign-off with them.


  • As part of project the newly poured concrete floors, balconies, and affected walls will need to be sealed and painted.
  • Based on the 3 bids received the association has chosen M.E.S.  as our painting contractor.
  • They will be setting up the job site week of April 3rd and expect work to start on 11th.
  • Weather permitting we are optimistic a completion date of April 27th can be obtained, but will include them working on some Saturdays.
  • As of April 17th MES started as promised the week of April 3rd and are doing a great  job and are ahead of schedule. this is good news and will give us more time to get railings in and for unit owners to arange for shutter installs.


  • Once painting is completed Jensen Beach Aluminum will be installing new railing on all 01 Balconies.
  • JBA advised there is only one local manufacture of the 4” top- cap needed that will allow the new railing to better match the rest of the building and this is delaying their portion on the project.
  • JBA will be onsite to meet with  us this coming week to review their plans , time lines and install approach.
  • As of April 17th JBA removed all remaining rail sections from the 01 stack units. Open communications continue with JBA and the time frames we are looking for them to meet.

End game

  • It is the hope of the association that all remaining work can be completed so unit owners can arrange to have their storm shutters installed by May 31st ahead of Hurricane season.

Financial Reserve Study (to be updated)
In August 2014, the Board of Oceana South contracted with a professional analysis company to perform a Reserve Study on the property. Click Here to download a copy of the study. The purpose of the study was to determine whether the Association has the available savings, or reserve, funds to meet its future financial obligations in regards to big-ticket items (roof, paving, painting, building repairs) without the need for special assessments. The reserve study report is available by clicking the link above.