Q4 2016 Board of Directors Update

Raymond DeLucca President

 2016 is coming to an end at Oceana South but not without a flurry of activities to prepare for the 2017 season and what will hopefully be a pleasant and relaxing winter season for all.

I have enjoyed my first year of on the Board of Directors and look forward to continuing to serve for many years to come if elected again.  I had hoped to provide quarterly updates to our website and to do our best to use it as the preferred method of communication to allow for transparency and openness of communication to residents, owners, and tenants for new or ongoing news pertaining to Oceana South. However between holding down a fulltime job and other personal circumstances I failed at that but I am optimistic that there will be an improvement in communications in 2017 and beyond.

Hurricane Mathew came thru early on the morning of October 7th and fortunately moved by us a little further east than many in the weather community predicted.  As communicated via e-mail by Melanie the morning after, the building had been properly prepared with the elevator shutdown, generator shutdown, removal of social room and lobby furniture, and the boarding up of several units that were in the midst of concrete restoration. We were ready for the worst but thanks to FPL’s post Francis/Jean updates to the power lines, power was never lost on the Island, and impact to us was limited to debris around the property as is to be expected.. palm fronds, lots of broken branches, leaves, etc.  As a result of driving rains, we had a small amount of water thru the back social room doors, and the resident elevator had some water on the floor from being parked on the 12th floor next to the elevator stack,  but nothing a little mopping couldn’t take care of.  The most important thing that came out of this event was the opportunity for a largely new management and maintenance staff to organize and bring together all aspects of a full scale hurricane preparation. We discovered a few areas that need tweaking but, overall, everyone rose to the occasion and got the job done per the existing Oceana South protocol. Many Thanks to Melanie and maintenance team’s efforts in this area

Hurricane Mathew did have one major  impact on  us, in that while at home in North Carolina and walking  his dog Bella our BOD member Art Carlson was struck in the head by a falling tree branch as result of  strong winds in the area.  Art sustained lacerations and some serious brain trauma but we are happy to report he is now recovering and we hope to see him this season as that recovery continues

In closing I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Holiday season and I look forward to seeing old friends again soon and to making new friends in the New Year as we continue to make  Oceana South a place that best suits the needs of its population of residents, vacationers, snowbirds and investors.

2017 Budget Highlights

Budget will remain flat year over year - minor increase of $660

Reduced expenses to offset the $3000 increase by Rec. center

Property insurance has decreased from 2016 which offset flood increase due to the hurricane

Monies are budgeted to continue to improve the property

Concrete assessment monies will be used after peak season to complete concrete issues throughout the building

Reserve balances will grow to $500K by the end of 2017

During the December 3rd  Board Meeting, a number of items were discussed or added to new business, highlights below.

  Melanie stated that all summer projects are successfully wrapping up and will be done by Jan. 1, 2017. This includes concrete for the year, garbage room doors, office updates, landscaping updates and painting and restoration of catwalks.

New Business: 

After brief discussion it was agreed to accept the proposal for coverage from Liberty Insurance Underwriters that was submitted to us by Rick Carroll Insurance for our 2017 Insurance needs.

After further discussion the board accepted the 2017 budget as presented by Treasurer Dave Czerniejewski. Ray made a motion to accept. Don seconded the motion. All attending board members voted yes.

Membership Discussion:

 Marge Gatheral from 509 wanted assurance that concrete work in 510 would be done by the first of the year.   

Marlow Jordahl discussed the problems he is having with internet in his unit. It was determined that he needs to have Comcast come out and service his equipment

 Next meeting confirmed Jan. 14, 2017 at 9am

During the May 25th   Board Meeting, a number of items were discussed or added to new business, highlights below.

Melanie gave a manager’s report stating monthly business that had been completed. It was noted that MES finished sealing and painting Stack 01 patios. Lobby ceiling leak has yet to be found. Wet testing by Crowther was unsuccessful. Next we’ll be checking the drain line in floor on the catwalk in front of the elevator

Update on paint and rails. JBA is on schedule to complete rails by end of June. Most rails are assembled and are either in paint or waiting to go to paint. Currently half the rails are done. 101 is the only one that hasn’t made shutter arrangements. After hers are done, we’ll be able to dispose of any remaining shutters on the ground.

With us closing out  the contract with EZ Construction the new  Concrete Restoration bid for ongoing work was approved for Reflection Restorations. This contract was  accepted in lieu of the previously accepted but unsigned contract with Structurcon.

Summer projects were reviewed. Don stated that he would like to see the parking lot restriped if possible. Also discussed making arrangements with Deakins moving to empty social room in the event of a pending storm.

Discussed the roof drainage issue and how it effects the flooding in the parking lot during heavy rain. It was agreed to block drainage pipes at half of the scuppers and let them free flow to allow more water to percolate into the ground before it drains into the parking lot.

It was agreed that Melanie should be allowed to sign payroll checks if no one is available so as not to delay payment of payroll.

Existing contracts were reviewed. It was determined that we should be shopping all of our venders every 3 years to make sure prices stay competitive. Melanie will be reviewing all contracts this summer. Any changes in contracts must be approved by a majority of the board. Agreed to accept Alarm Monitoring Bid from Guardian Alarm pending contract review and questions concerning the new repeater on the roof.

Q1 2016 Board of Directors Update

Raymond DeLucca President

As the newest board member and President of the board, I’m going to do my best to provide quarterly updates to our website and to do our best to use it as the preferred method of communication to allow for transparency and openness of communication to residents, owners, and tenants for new or ongoing news pertaining to Oceana South.

In the few short months I have been on the board I already have a true appreciation for the time given and efforts made by my fellow board members, ,many of them for too many years to count. I want to especially call out and thank Dave Czerniejewski for not only the outstanding job he has done as Treasurer but for the tremendous effort he has put into managing the Concrete restoration project since volunteering to take it over back in September, I would hate to think where we would be right now had he not done so.

Keeping a property like Oceana South both physically and financially sound is no easy task. And the old adage of “you can please some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time” certainly holds true when you sit on the board. Yet I’m optimist that our newest board will do their best to insure “most of the people are pleased most of the time”, and I’m flattered and humbled  that I was voted onto the board by so many of you.

2016 at Oceana South started with a continued increase in new owner and tenant occupancy combined with the many residents who have owned or rented for many years. With that said some familiar faces were noticeably absent, as for myself while  I only had the pleasure of knowing  them for the last few seasons I have missed talking to some of our long term owners who are not here this year. None the less it was great to see friends again, making some new friends and to also see newer owners are mingling into social events, building friendships, and socializing, one of the true assets of Condo living!

Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers,  2016 started out with our annual Super Bowl Party. All attendees enjoyed good company, good food, had some fun wagering, all on top of enjoying a memorable game.  Hats off to Payton Manning and the Denver Broncos!

We had our Annual Board meeting on February 6th.  Much of the discussion centered on the ongoing Concrete restoration work as well as financials and suggestions towards changes to our rules and regulations.  Results for the voting on Opting Out of the Sprinkler retrofit were announced with 100 voting  Yes and 5 voting No. Final paperwork documenting the vote and status was received from the city and this is now a closed action.  Results from the BOD Election were also announced.  The following Members were elected to the Board for 2016: Dave Czerniejewski, Don Evans, John Aurilia, Art Carlson and Ray DeLucca.

During the February 11th Board Meeting nominations were made and voted on. The 2016 Board stands as follows: Ray DeLucca, President; John Aurilia, Vice President; Dave Czerniejewski, Treasurer; Art Carlson, Secretary; and Don Evans, Director. The Board discussed a number of other topics from the Concrete restoration to the ongoing effort to reduce cost for our major budget line items.

Discussed renewing the 3 year maintenance contract with Crowther Roofing.  The Board agreed the maintenance contract would be renewed provided they include maintenance on the portico roof. Also agreed to have Crowther investigate leaks coming in to the lobby ceiling from the Portico.

Discussed Catwalk repairs. Agreed to continue to keep doing what we’re doing with spot repairs as major repairs are cost prohibitive at this time.

 During the March 9th  Board Meeting, a number of items were discussed or added to new business, highlights below.

Board reviewed budget projections for the Concrete Restoration Project. Savings of approximately $150,000 are projected for the project. All saved funds will go into reserves. Projected reserves will rise to approx. 50%

Discussion on Crowther roofing.  Agreed to accept the new maintenance contract which now includes the portico roof. Reviewed bid for repairs to the Portico where it meets the building on the first floor to stop leaking in the lobby. It was agreed that the work needs to be done but some issues need to be investigated (railing replacement, etc) before bid is accepted.

Landscaping repairs and maintenance where discussed. It was agreed to take a more proactive position on upkeep and replacement of dead and dying plants in an effort to keep the grounds looking their best. Waltra Mauer requested monies to work in the secret garden and it was granted.

Discussion on Social Room patio furniture. It was agreed to investigate the feasibility of upgrading the furniture and overall appearance of the patio.

Discussion on restriping the parking lot. It was determined that restriping maybe a waste of funds as the whole parking lot needs to be repaved. Reserve study will be reviewed to determine feasibility and what’s involved in doing so.

Open discussion by Arlene Carlson requesting bulletin boards be reinstalled in the elevators on behalf and funded by the Social Committee. The majority of the board decided that additional boards were not necessary at this time.